Artist’s Statement: “There are good things.”

Michael Workman presently lives in the historic town of Spring City, Utah, with his wife and five children, surrounded by the rural scenery he loves, painting, and even dabbling in agriculture with his own small “gentleman’s farm.” Michael finds much of his inspiration within a twenty-mile radius of his studio.

Michael Workman made a conscious decision to create artworks that appeal to viewers without an education as well as to artists who look for and find layers of meaning. his work contains universal symbolic meanings and at the same time is open ended enough to invite the viewer to tie into his or her own life’s experiences and understanding. Workman says he tries to paint so there is as much in each painting as an individual viewer wants to get from it. His paintings work as simply as poetic paintings of rural scenes. They also have painterly qualities that appeal to artists and art historians, using layers of depth and meaning, that center on man’s purpose on earth and what life means – an academic visionary.

Workman is considered one of the major American Contemporary Tonalist painters. Tonalism is defined as the use of color’s middle values versus stronger contrast and high chroma. This is a subtle and powerful technique. Harmony, another strong characteristic of Michael Workman’s art is blended in a play between opposites on a variety of levels: classicism and romanticism, thin and thick paint, warm and cool colors, careful planning and spontaneity. “That flirtation between yin and yang is by design, because in Workman’s view, mastering those opposites is a source of unparalleled magic.” (SouthWest Art, September 1996).